Collecting Doulton stamp trays. 

Character fox HN866.

From time to time one spots familiar items mounted with various Doulton wares and such was the case when I recently saw this Dickens miniature of Tony Weller mounted on a genuine Shagreen base together with a sterling silver stamp holder or stamp moistener (the moistener missing), just like mine with the fox above. 

Tony Weller HN544.
Here is a further example mounted with a very rare character Beagle, a very early Doulton animal currently available from Seaway China. 

Character Beagle HN831.

 The sterling silver mark on the stamp holder gives us the year 1923 as the year of production. 

9 thoughts on “Collecting Doulton stamp trays. ”

  1. I own a Tony Weller version that I bought from the Whitley Collection at the New York Pier Show a few years ago. It is not the same one in this picture as the blue dots on his scarf are not as pronounced on mine. I thought that it was a match holder with the match being struck on the shagreen. My mistake! Also, the tray is made of Sterling silver.


      1. I also have in my collection the Character Beagle HN831 on a Sterling silver document or large paper clip mounted on an alabaster base. Same dog but in a different presentation.

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      2. Not without a plethora of riches, I also have that Beagle in Chinese Jade mounted on an oval alabaster base with the slight carved depression in front of the dog. Such fun to see the same piece in different presentations.


      3. I will try with my new camera. Better yet, come to Boston! Anyone in the Boston area are always welcome to see my collection in person. Animals are my first passion, then all of the different Glazes that Doulton (Titanian, Chinese Jade, Flambe, etc.) used followed by Child Studies by Harradine and miniatures especially the animals again. I am sure that I left out some aspect of my collecting but you will just have come and see.


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