Doulton artist profile – Arthur Perrins


Arthur at work in 1953

Arthur Perrins had a typically long association with Doulton & Co for his genreration; he began in the early 1940’s remaining with them until finally retiring in 1993. He was used to advertise Royal Doulton’s artistry over decades at some of the most prestigious stores in England including at the Doulton store at Harrods in London. Here are some pictures of Arthur at work, including a figure painting demonstration at Harrods in the early 1950’s. He is survived by his widow.


Arthur explaining the process involved in painting a Top o’ the hill ca. 1954


A Harrods display with Arthur demonstrating figure painting, again on a Top o’ the hill

Here is a link to some further pictures of Arthur at work on John Twigg’s excellent site about Doulton artists:


5 thoughts on “Doulton artist profile – Arthur Perrins”

    1. Hi Gregory, sorry I thought I’d replied but it’s not showing. Thanks for getting in touch. If you’d like to share any stories etc we have a Facebook page you can join ‘Doulton Collectors Club’. Thanks again, Christopher


  1. Hi, i am very pleased to say that i own one of Arthurs Perrins watercolors, titled “Enchantment” a still life with white roses.
    Every day i have the pleasure of viewing it in my home.
    As a professional dealer it takes pride of place in my collection
    and i have no hesitation in stating its one of the most exceptional watercolors i have ever seen. He must have been an amazing man.


      1. Hi Christopher,
        I appreciate your interest but at this point i am negotiating to sell the picture so unfortunately i cannot post a picture due to the situation, sorry.


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