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  1. I saw your recent post about Royal Doulton Barbotine. Do you know of anyone who has a vase or lamp for sale? I currently have two and I am looking to add to that part of my RD collection.


    1. Hi Stephen
      I’m afraid not at the moment but if I see any I’ll let you know. If you’re on Facebook do join our ‘Doulton Collectors Club’ there are a couple of other dealers on there too!


  2. Hello Christopher, I just started building a collection of everyday Doulton Lambeth jugs, glazed and Silicon… wanted to photograph them and possibly start an article for you. Is these kinds of contributions something you encourage for your really wonderful site? I will also connect with you via Facebook….


  3. Hi Christopher. I am trying to get for info on a Doulton HN2443 The Judge Figure. My Figure is an all white colourway and the feet are modelled differently to the catalogued Figures. I have only seen red and black robed versions. Is there anything unusual with my figure? Scott.


  4. Hi Christopher, I’m trying to get some info on a pink rose patterned Royal Doulton cabaret set for 6 I was lucky enough to find recently, all complete except for 1 teacup missing. Are these particularly collectable, this one appears to date from the 1920s but I haven’t found anything from searching online. Hope you can help.

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  5. Hi there. I have a very good condition Royal Doulton jug D3548 reg no: 597. 783 to sell and am wondering if there might be interest here. It is in very good condition.

    Kind regards,

    Freya Levy


      1. Hi there.

        That’s great.

        I’m attaching the images now.

        Kind regards,

        Freya Levy On Sun, 21 Jul 2019, 08:25 doultoncollectorsclub, wrote:

        > doultonchristopher1 commented: “Hi Freya If you post or email a picture > here, we’ll let you know. Regards Christopher ” >


  6. I have figurine pauline hn1444 in a pink dress, there is no HN number on the bottom just the Rd NO 760272 number 4 by the doulton Mark and also potted by doulton and co in red. Can you tell me if this is rare


  7. I work at an auction company. We just signed up an auction that will have some Royal Doulton figurines for sale. Do you have any recommendations for getting our sale information in front of collectors?


  8. Hi Christopher,

    I’ve got a 1928 Doulton dinner service featuring a gilded family crest, which I understand was commissioned / purchased as a wedding gift. I’m struggling to find any info about who might have commissioned it, or whether the pattern is rare. Do you have any suggestions of who to approach?




  9. Thanks Christopher!

    Shamefully I’m unclear how to add photos to this comment – is there an email address I could send them to?


  10. Hi Christopher, i am looking for some info on a Doulton pansy 4049 vase/cookie jar, that i have never seen on the web or ebay.
    May i email you a pic?please do! C


  11. Good Morning, I just found a couple cups and saucers of the coaching days pattern. I like the ones with the goose and hare hanging on the back of the coach. Can you tell me what is hanging next to the hare?? Is that a mistletoe ball or holly ball??

    Thanks, Mark


  12. Hi
    I have just aquired a daulton water filter that I would like more about if possible
    There is no lid but I have just seen your post from 2015 showing an early water filter also without a lid which is very similar to the one I have
    Any information would be gratefully received
    Colin Boddy


  13. Hi I have a prototype large bowl for Royal Doulton wondered if you can give me any information about it i can email pictures


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