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Doulton’s Dutch Masterpieces.

We have looked at some popular Dutch themes already, but I love a collecting and indeed display theme so it is time to look at it a new!

A mixture of the popular and unusual Doulton Dutch Seriesware patterns and shapes. 

The wonder of Seriesware is that it offers something for every collector – for new collectors there are many familiar faces to collect and for the die hard collector you never quite know what will turn up! 

Four pin dishes illustrating the variety of seriesware that can be found! 

There was even a version of this popular theme created specially for Liberty of London with a blue sky. 

Two colourways of popular 1930’s Dutch figures Annette and Gretchen, and an illustration showing the popularity of all things Dutch in the early 20th Century.

Even well into the 1930’s Doulton were producing their Dutch figures such as Gretchen and Derrick and a glimpse through catalogues and adverts for major stores including Liberty of London, proves the then popularity of all things Dutch with page after page of Dutch inspired decorative items for the home.  


The popular pair Gretchen and Derrick.

Collectors show great invention when displaying their collections and whilst some mix seriesware and figures excellently, others rely on illustrations to emphasise the theme they are creating, such as the picture below by AK Macdonald, who inspired a small group of Leslie Harradine’s figures in the 1930’s. 


Perhaps you arrange your collection in a particular way? If so why not share it with us on our Doulton Collectors Club facebook page! 

Archibald Knox’s influence on Doultonwares.

We all know of the short association between Liberty and Doulton that resulted in a few exclusive lines being produced for the prestigious London store including a variation of Doulton’s seriesware pattern Dutch Harlem and also the Burslem art wares featuring honesty and pine cone designs such as the ones below.


As was typical of Doulton, their in-house artists also recreated their own style of ‘Knox’ inspired designs. Archibald Know will forever be associated with Libertys because of his nouveau designs for them which made him a household name. Here is another such example much in the same vein as the honesty pieces above but in Flambé. This large art nouveau table centre in Knox’s style measures over 6″ high and 8″ in diameter making it a statement piece.


I have seen similar shaped dishes but with the Dutch Harlem seriesware pattern applied and I am sure there are others out there as yet undiscovered or overlooked. Perhaps you own examples? If not why not share a picture with our Facebook group ‘Doulton Collectors Club’!


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