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Collecting Doulton flambé elephants. 

With a long history steeped in myth and also religious importance it is no surprise that there are so many elephant studies to be found in flambé and other associated glazes. 

Very rare character elephant in flambé.

Asian religion gives particular importance to the elephant and so the marriage with the flambé glaze seems particularly appropriate. 

Elephant head ashtray in Sung, discontinued 1961.

The elephant is a symbol of strength And given the size of some of Doulton’s elephant studies they certainly convert this immense strength. 

Large size elephant 47cm long.

The interesting part of collecting this species is that many early models were given additional and different treatments including Sung and Chinese Jade.

Archibald Knox’s influence on Doultonwares.

We all know of the short association between Liberty and Doulton that resulted in a few exclusive lines being produced for the prestigious London store including a variation of Doulton’s seriesware pattern Dutch Harlem and also the Burslem art wares featuring honesty and pine cone designs such as the ones below.


As was typical of Doulton, their in-house artists also recreated their own style of ‘Knox’ inspired designs. Archibald Know will forever be associated with Libertys because of his nouveau designs for them which made him a household name. Here is another such example much in the same vein as the honesty pieces above but in Flambé. This large art nouveau table centre in Knox’s style measures over 6″ high and 8″ in diameter making it a statement piece.


I have seen similar shaped dishes but with the Dutch Harlem seriesware pattern applied and I am sure there are others out there as yet undiscovered or overlooked. Perhaps you own examples? If not why not share a picture with our Facebook group ‘Doulton Collectors Club’!


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Royal Doulton Flambé – the King of Egyptian commemoratives

Royal Doulton always followed the mantra of offering something for everyone and this certainly rings true when you consider the variety of wares produced over the last 100 years to commemorate Egypt’s great history.

From seriesware such as Tutenkhamen’s Treasures series, to handpainted desert scene pieces, to Flambé pieces, to figures ….. here once again there is something for everyone.

As a child I remember being fascinated by all things Egyptian – a study whilst at school, a trip to museums with grandparents…all fuelled this mania. This mania gripped the world in the early 1920’s with the discovery of this now world famous tomb and Doulton was at the front of the queue to produce commemorative pieces for this event.

One of the most striking series Doulton produced is the Flambé range of wares, featuring  pyramids, the sphinx and numerous other desert scenes. Here are a selection of pieces for you to enjoy!


A striking 14″ vase with a variety of scenes from Cairo.


The same vase on the left, together with two variations of Egyptian scenes to suit the shapes of their respective vases.

Key Burslem Dates Part II

Part II : 1900-1929

1900       Cuthert Bailey, a Chemist joined Doulton & Co.

Ivory Body introduced

Hyperion and Morrisian wares introduced

1901       Gibson Girl designs introduced

1902       Lion and Crown Backstamp used for Royal Doulton

1904       Flambé – experimental wares begun

1905       Mandarin and Crested wares introduced, together with Christmas miniatures

1906       Seriesware introduced

1907       Crystalline introduced

1908       Flambé aninals first seen and Dickensware introduced

1911       First attempts at a new figure range begun

1913       Famous visit to Burslem by King George and Queen Mary to Doulton at Nile St.

HN Figures and animals launched

1914       John Slater Art Director at Burselm retires. Charles J. Noke takes up the reins

1915       Titanian wares introduced

1916       Reco Capey lustre and flambé designs introduced

1919       John Slater purchases the Slater Collection

1920       Barbotine, Chinese Jade and Sung launched

1924       Shagreen and Maori wares introduced

1925       Chang launched

1929       Classic Doulton figure ‘Old Balloon Seller’ introduced


An early view of the Doulton studio ca. 1910