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Royal Doulton’s festive seriesware miniatures.

Nothing says Christmas quite like Father Christmas and Royal Doulton were astute enough to introduce a range of miniatures featuring Santa into their Seriesware range as early as 1904.


You can see from this 1905 advert that Doulton’s then advertising team were suggesting these miniatures could replace the sending of Christmas cards for the diminutive sum of one shilling in old money. 

In total there were six Father Christmas scenes and a further two festive scenes of a turkey and geese that Louise Irvine in her Seriesware books has called Festive Fare. You can see an unusual turkey coal skuttle in the main picture and another angle of it below, yet the even more unusual geese I have only seen in blue and white rather than in what we might call festive colourings.

 In terms of borders the Santa pieces have either bells or holly, whereas the turkey and geese images typically have a mixture of mistletoe and holly.

These two series had short production runs; the outbreak of WWI ceased their productions.

Merry Christmas to all! 🎄

Wishing you a very ‘Bunny’ Doulton Christmas!

Christmas Surprise DB146.

As one would expect with such a universally popular product, Christmas is extensively celebrated in the Bunnykins series. Figures including Winter Lapland Bunnykins, Christmas Morning Bunnykins and even a Bunnykins Carol Singer musical box have been introduced and the series extends to include tree ornaments and even a festive tableau Merry Christmas DB194!

Father Christmas DB237.

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Thanks as always to Seaway Chiba for use of their pictures.

Doulton’s Christmas serieswares.


Any seriesware collector will be able to cite immediately the amazingly rare Christmas themed pieces for which they long for.

Three particularly sought after patterns found on miniatures are Christmas, Snow Scenes and Ice-Skating and these all command high prices no matter in which season they appear throughout the year.


Further patterns to look for include Snowflake, Coaching Days in a winter landscape and the very rare Snowscenes pattern that is decorated in low relief and usually features countryfolk making their way through the snow to their welcoming cottages.