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Royal Doulton’s perfect ‘pink’ ladies!

Continuing our look at ideas for arranging or grouping figures, here is a further colour theme – picture perfect pinks!

A group of Harradine’s pink ladies.

The popularity of pink figures like many of the other colour themes we have looked at seems to have fluctuated over the years. Even today there are groups of pink figures that are introduced only for there to be a real gap in the issuing of further examples.

Three early pink ladies.

However, some pink ladies remained popular for decades including Harradine’s pink Top o’ the hill HN1849 and many of his child studies including Cissie HN1809 and her partner Bo-Peep HN1811.

A selection of Peggy’s pink ladies.

Many of Harradine’s figures from the mid to late 1930’s were issued in either a pink or a blue colourway and the pink appears to have generally been preferred, meaning that today collectors really have to search assiduously for the blue versions of figures such as Miss Fortune, The Lambeth Walk, Windflower and Maureen to name but a few.

Valerie Annand’s elaborate L’Ambitieuse from more recent times.

As always whatever your tastes a grouping of one colour or many colours makes an eye-catching display.

Peggy’s beautiful figurine ‘Polka’.