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Doulton’s Persianware Pt. 2


This second look at Doulton’s Persianware is solely focused on seriesware. There are three variations of this ware, A, B and C. The first designs were introduced around 1912 with a white background. This would be replaced in 1917 with a blue background.


This pattern of course has a special backstamp as shown here.


Typically of Doulton’s seriesware unusual items turn up from time to time. Only yesterday I saw a hat pin stand in this pattern. Other items that have turned up range from usual Doulton style vases to dressing table sets to tea sets.


Doulton’s Persianware Pt.1


These dramatic designs by William Rowe and Harry Simeon form part of a very limited range of Lambeth wares that fall under the heading Persianware and should not be confused with the seriesware pattern of the same name or earlier Persian style products from Lambeth.


Produced between 1919-22, these items are particularly hard to find and when they do turn up they cost a king’s ransom!

Painted in blue and green on a coarse body, items to be found in this ware are typically plaques measuring 13″ in diameter and vases in 3 or 4 typically Doulton shapes.


This Persianware has a special backstamp too.