Doulton’s Persianware Pt.1


These dramatic designs by William Rowe and Harry Simeon form part of a very limited range of Lambeth wares that fall under the heading Persianware and should not be confused with the seriesware pattern of the same name or earlier Persian style products from Lambeth.


Produced between 1919-22, these items are particularly hard to find and when they do turn up they cost a king’s ransom!

Painted in blue and green on a coarse body, items to be found in this ware are typically plaques measuring 13″ in diameter and vases in 3 or 4 typically Doulton shapes.


This Persianware has a special backstamp too.


4 thoughts on “Doulton’s Persianware Pt.1”

  1. I have a Harry Simeon large fox R16, His ear has the tip missing but it makes him look like he has been in a scrap.Can anyone give me any information on him?


  2. Hi, I have a persian ware earthenware dish decorated with the golden horn iznik ware design. It has some bits of the glaze missing and wondered if this was normal or even deliberate to simulate age. The back is decorated and has the rectangular lambeth doulton with flower printed backstamp. Any ideas ? Can send images. Many thanks


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