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Royal Doulton’s Morissian Ware.

Morrisian ware 1903-1924
Named after William Morris, whose influence is immediately recognisable in the borders and of course in the backstamp often found on this ware. 

Close up of a Morrisian umbrella stand.

With endless variations and some which do not always carry the Morrisian backstamp, it does make this type of ware an interesting field to collect as only through experience do we recognise it. 

Another umbrella stand, this time showing William Morris’ influence.

The earthenware body used is decorated in various transfer images, the most desirable of which are those of the American illustrator Will Bradley from “Beauty and the Beast”. Typically pieces of Morrisian Ware are also on the larger size.

 A further shape of umbrella stand.

The most typical scenes are those of dancing girls, young boys with garlands, Bradley’s illustrations mentioned above and a series of golfers.


A typical pedestal vase with dancing figures. 
As was typical of Doulton, their in-house artists also did pastiches of Bradley’s designs of golfers and dancing maidens. 

A rare blue and white umbrella stand with solid gold decoration.

The three most typical colour schemes are blue and white, black and red and black on yellow. A rare blue with solid gold also turns up occasionally.