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Royal Doulton’s  Nursery Rhymes Series L – a look back…

 A smart child’s breakfast set, once popular christening presents. 

Classic nursery rhymes have long provided much inspiration for Doulton’s designers and just like many Seriesware designs the L range was influenced by another artist, Ann Anderson.

  Introduced in 1916 there were 12 different designs produced featuring classic characters such as Little Tommy Tucker, the Queen of Hearts and This Little Pig. 

A variation of the boxed set above.

Typically produced in bone china the precise date of withdrawal is unknown, although the outbreak of WWII is given as it is with so many of Doulton’s different lines. The bases of items with these designs can carry H or D numbers for this series ware pattern.

Beaker with silver plated handle and original retailer’s box.

As with so many series ware designs hunting down items provides a great challenge and a collection of them makes a great display.

Collecting Doulton’s nursery rhyme series ware pattern ‘G’!

Nurseryware was and remains something of a speciality for Doulton with the enduring popularity of their Bunnykins range, which babies around the world receive in early childhood in the form of bowls and cups, together with a host of other items and of course the famous Bunnykins figures.

Back in the early 20th century many different nursery ware scenes were produced including this charming silhouette design. Introduced in 1907 and withdrawn by the mid-1930’s examples of this series are hard to find today, no doubt due to the fact that they were used for raising baby back in the day. Two D numbers can be found relating to this pattern D2833 & D4016.

This pattern features a central scene relating to a saying on the piece ; taken from famous rhymes such as Three Blind Mice and Rock-a-bye baby that are still taught to young children. In all there are only four designs which include the two titles above and Little Miss Muffet and There was a Little Man… 

Items typically found with this pattern include baby bowls, cereal bowls, mugs, jugs and small plates.