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Doulton artist profile – Henri Boullemier


Henri as his name suggests was of French descent and he and his brother followed in their famous fathers’ footsteps with their chosen profession as high end porcelain painters.
All three worked at Minton at one point in the late 1800’s and the two sons’s style was very much influenced by their father who at Minton worked with other of his countrymen including the famous Solon. The father had previously worked for Sèvres.
Henri worked for a very short period probably on a freelance basis for Doulton in the first years of the twentieth century and thus examples of his exceptional work are very rare. Typically his work featured on service and dessert plates and featured cherubs, children and classical portrait heads like the example pictured.
Any work by Henri Boullemier is exceptionally rare and pieces seldom appear on the secondary market.