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Doulton Fair 8th November 2015 – save the date! 

Don’t forget – Sunday 8th November sees the second of 2015’s Doulton, Beswick and Moorcroft Pottery Fairs. at Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford. 
Simply print an image of this advert for free entry on Sunday 8th November!

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Collecting Doulton’s ‘New’ Teapots! 

Originally introduced in 1939 for a very brief period, Doulton once again introduced character teapots in 1988 with Old Salt pictured. Once again it was a remodelled character jug personality that provided inspiration for the piece.
 Thereafter other famous Doulton characters appeared including the Balloon Man and Woman Teapot based on those two famous figures. The difference being with these new teapots was that whilst Old Salt was a RDICC exclusive, many of the other new models weren’t but were limited edition pieces.

Old Salt teapot and original character jug that inspired it! 

Whilst many characters were produced to a prototype stage, they never reached full production so the range was originally intended to be quite extensive.

Collecting Doulton roses! 

Whenever one thinks of Doulton roses the names Edward Raby and perhaps the successor to his ‘throne’ Percy Curnock spring immediately to mind. However, there was a range of Doulton decorated with ‘print and tint’ roses from the early years of the 20th Century that were intended to be more accessible to collectors. 

 Typically this range of wares were produced on a cobalt blue ground and occasionally they had further gilded embellishment such as in the above illustration.

 More recently I came across the turquoise  jug pictured below decorated using the same rose images as were found on the cobalt blue versions. As always, Doulton never fails to throw up surprises to keep us on our toes! 

Doulton’s First World War Commemorative to the WAAC! 

  Along with what we might term war themed commemoratives from WWI Doulton also produced this charming two scene series in 1919 featuring a WAAC and her beaus – one English and one australian! 

The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) were formed to free up valuable and experienced soldiers from behind the front, for front line service. As part of the mobilisation of the whole country this milestone in the push for equal rights formed the basis for women’s service in the British Army to this day.

This rare series clearly had a short production run and I have only once seen the alternate version with the ‘lanky’ English soldier as opposed to the dashing Australian one pictured!

As for shapes – I have only seen this size of pin tray with this series on it! 

A humorous reflection back to a terrible war. 

Collecting Doulton’s “solid colour” animals.

The early years of the 20th century were a time of great experimentation at Doulton’s Burslem studio and these early animal figures in block colours belong to that period.

 A group of popular early animals in single colour glazes.

Only the earliest animals seem to appear in these flat one-colour versions and judging from the backstamps I have seen they ceased being produced like this by 1930.

 Collie in a tan colourway. 

Whilst they may not appeal to all collectors the one tone colouring gives them a sculpted feel, no doubt the original intention behind the idea. These unusual animals can be found in either matt or typical glossy glaze and bear no other information but the model number impressed into the base.

 ‘Tomato red’ penguins and rhino with a tan hare. 

As I repeatedly say with Doulton – expect the unexpected! The rhinoceros illustrated above was a find just the other day and is such an early and rare model to find!

Collecting Doulton exclusives for W.T.Lamb.

The Distillers W. T. Lamb & sons like many other firms commissioned exclusive designs from Doulton to supply as commemoratives or in the case of Lamb’s as Christmas Presents. 

This large size jug measuring 8.5″ features the head of Bacchus with appropriate vinery decorating the sides and bearing the initials of the company and the date 1929.

In total there have been 5 Doulton items found that were produced for W. T. Lamb including an early jug, a typical 1920’s comport, the above tankard, a fire-well or well head and this vase, probably a design by Vera Huggins and dated 1928. 

 These dated pieces date from 1927 through to Christmas 1931.

Other conpanies to Doulton also produced wares for Lambs including Poole but there are certainly other Doulton items out there to be found! 

Collecting William Savage Cooper’s nursery rhyme designs for Royal Doulton. 

Introduced in 1903 there are around 20 different nursery rhyme designs based on illustrations by William Savage Cooper to collect and still other designs by others too. The earliest pieces of Savage Cooper’s are found on china with gold accenting, whilst later earthenware examples can be found on Doulton’s Art Deco earthenware shapes.


Typically gifts for children these pieces were no doubt broken and many today show signs of much use along the way, but their popularity ensured that they remained in production for a relatively long period to around 1939, meaning that there are examples in good condition to collect. Unusual boxed sets do turn up occasionally and I know of collectors who solely collect nursery wares and who have amassed great collections.

A catalogue page from the 1920’s.