Floral fancies from Burslem

Floral pools and fancies


A catalog page ca. 1933

China flower arrangements are currently out of fashion and seem to belong to an era in which our Grandmothers filled their shelves with such fancies. Certainly the older ladies one imagines to have collected such things, themselves seem like a distant memory. No doubt the skill and ability to hand craft such fancies is alas all but extinguished now too. However, such flower bowls were produced for a much longer period than most collectors would expect.


A group of rocks with floral decoration. All are dated

to the 1930’s.

The 1920’s with all their jazz and style appear to be when Doulton first began production, as the catalogue page from 1933 pictured, testifies. Indeed we can also see each creation from this time is given a ‘FB’ number (presumably flower bowl?). Also illustrated are, a selection of weird and wonderful bowls of the 1930’s, together with some napkin rings of the same time. As with almost all Doulton wares, we can presume that production of these flower bowls ceased with the outbreak of World War II, whilst the napkin rings popularity continued into the immediate post war period.


Boxed napkin rings dated 1934


Tree Stump vase dated 1933


Typical flower bowls from the range and illustrated

on the catalogue page above

As with so many things produced at this time, you can never predict quite what you will come across next, indeed I recently found a lidded bowl with flowers mounted on it dated 1936. Happy hunting!

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