Ideas for collecting and also displaying your Doulton figure collection

After a while we all realise that suddenly we have quite a sizeable collection (be it figures, character jugs, stoneware, Burselm art wares…the list could go on) and aside from the hole in our bank accounts we often wonder at that point – when did collecting become such an obsession…or at least that is what happened to me many years ago now.

The next time you think about your growing collection is when suddenly you have no more space for that particular piece you have been searching for for, so long…it was a bargain…how could I say no? They are but some of the excuses I have made to myself in the past.

So I thought it a good excuse to share a few collecting themes I have gone through over the years.

Collecting the same figure in all colourways – this remains something of an obsession for me and as anyone who knows me will say, my promise to only buy one, maximum two things at Doulton fairs rarely happens, as I spot that one figure I have ALWAYS wanted.


Day Dreams – one of my favourite figures in all 3 colourways.

Doulton Street vendors – this was an early phase, and whilst I still have a few prized pieces, many have been exchanged along the way for other pieces. Regrets? Well I wish I had space for more….


Some of the first Doulton figures I collected.

Doulton child studies – an easy theme to collect as due to their size you can assemble a collection large or small! I will leave it to you to guess which way my collecting went in this area!


Both colourways of Granny’s Shawl.

Collecting themes – one particular field I once found myself gathering were riding related figures such as the three below. Other themes are powdered wigged ladies, bonnets, figures with feet popping out….the list is endless.


A group of powdered wigged ladies.


A riding theme.


Let’s go Dutch!

Collecting by size – again once you assemble the group you want there is always the chance to find a miniature figure, or as in the picture here a medium sized figure.


Veronica in large and medium sizes.


Pierette in her usual and extra large sizes (earthenware)

Figures mounted on things – these can be lamps, ashtrays, bookends, pipe stands, calendars…the list is once again endless. I have shared lamps in the past, so here are a pair of my favourite bookends, unusually with full size figures rather than miniatures on them!


Rose and Marie mounted on bookends and in the reverse colourways to the ones usually found.

So there we are, a few of my favourite themes. How do you organise your figures or other Doulton? Time to share…how do you orgainse your collections?


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