Royal Doulton’s ‘K’ series


The ‘K’ series began in 1931 with the introduction of 12 dogs and 1 cat. In total there are 39 subjects in this series. There are 18 breeds of dogs, one cat (Lucky K12), penguins, birds and finally a trio of hares!
The penguins are perennial favourites amongst collectors and the 11 birds are all particularly rare as they were introduced in 1940 and withdrawn by 1946.
Whilst the designers if the majority are unknown, the popular penguins can be attributed to Peggy Davies.
The ‘K’ dogs in particular can readily be found mounted on calendars and ashtrays, although pen holders and pipe holders have turned up.
This range offers collectors a real cross section of Doulton animals to collect and the discerning eye will readily distinguish between an early and a late model.
Happy hunting!

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