Tinkle Bell’s inspiration – another one that didn’t make the final cut…

Another picture for you all to add to your lists of pictures that inspired figures is this charming child study by  an unknown artist ‘Pieperhoff’.

As Jocelyn and I were selecting the themes we would include in our book Reflections: Doulton Figures as a Mirror of their Times, it was inevitable that we could not include everything we had found.

Typical of this time, many unknown artists’ work was used for greetings cards, in a similar vein to those published by Raphael Tuck and Valentine & Co. that we have already looked at.



Pieperhoff’s sentimental child study that inspired Tinkle Bell HN1677 below.


This particular illustration was clearly popular at the time (1930’s) as it can be found relatively readily and I have a miniature and a larger (30cm by 20cm) version.

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