Doulton artist profile – Edwin Wood

A trio of vases signed E. Wood with typical handpainted decoration.

Wood is famed in Royal Doulton circles for his skilled flower painting, typically groups, and it is pieces with his famous roses that turn up most frequently signed by this artist.

Another pair of vases by Wood with similar rose boughs.

However, Wood began training at Crown Derby and later Wedgwoods. It is recoded that he was 29 when he began at Doulton’s in 1898 until retiring in ca.1938.


Two views of a hand painted dessert plate by Wood, also showing the original Doulton labels.

Wood is as I say famed for his flower painting but he was equally skilled at game and fish subjects. Pieces of Doulton also turn up signed E. Percy, a pseudonym employed by both Wood and the prolific Percy Curnock on part transfer, part handpainted pieces.

A charming plate signed E.Percy.

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