Pantalettes and petticoats!

The four available colourways of Pantalettes.

Some of the most popular Royal Doulton figures are those from the early 1930’s that recall those halcyon days of the Victorian era with all of its romanticism and courtship rituals.

This band of coy young ladies demurely pose with their pantalettes and numerous petticoats on show – each supposedly causing a minor sensation! Oh how times have changed.

Four of the five available versions of Priscilla.

Of course we must start with the figure Pantalettes HN1362, introduced in 1929 and withdrawn by 1952, not the erroneous date given in the books on the subject of ‘by 1942’. She has three other ‘sisters’ to collect the rarer of the two being HN1507 and the lushious red HN1709. She has always been a favourite of mine and I remember hunting down an early version many years ago!

The rare Helen and a more unusual colouring of Priscilla.

Another favourite among collectors is Priscilla HN1340 introduced in the same year. She is modelled coyly swaying in a soft breeze with her head posed in a coquettish manner!
Other rarer figures can be added to this theme including the rare Helen HN1508, who would later be adapted to June HN1690 in 1935, presumably meaning that Helen’s production had ceased by that point… As was always typical of Doulton various figures were produced in complimentary colourways and we can add Gwendolen HN1503 to this group of ‘pantalette and petticoat’ ladies!

A complimentary group of petticoat and pantalettes wearing damsels.

Far from bring a definitive list, perhaps you also collect this theme of ladies? If so why not post a picture to our Doulton Collectors Club page?

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