Royal Doulton’s glorious green ladies!

Here again is another display or collecting theme that I suddenly felt compelled to write, sitting in the ‘green’ garden enjoying the sun: Doulton’s green ladies…
Whilst reds and pinks have remained perennial favourites among collectors, the vogue for producing ‘green’ ladies has come and gone and come and gone again. Yet, those from the 1930’s remain, in my opinion some of the most appealing, not least because of the crispness of the modelling but the detail in the painting too.

There are so many familiar faces that are so much harder to find in green such as Cissie, Sonia and one that I would love to have in green, Meriel, who remains probably my favourite figure produced.
I think part of the reason for the short production runs of these green ladies is the added detail in the colourways, consider Roseanna for example with her stripey skirt.

I have a few green colourways and a favourite I have been lucky enough to find is this version of Gwynneth dated 1942 and pictured here.

Perhaps you also display your figures according to colour? If so why not share a picture on our Facebook page ‘Doulton Collectors Club’!

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