A look back at the enduringly popular Flower Seller’s Children.

A close up of the skilfully painted children’s faces.

This delightful study was the concept of Leslie Harradine in 1921 during his first year of supplying models to Doulton’s studios in Burslem. Harradine had been apprenticed to Doulton in Lambeth in the early years of the 20th Century but factory life he found unbearable and so broke loose from these confines. He continued to supply models to Lambeth’s studios until his departure for Canada. This early time in Harradine’s association with Doulton we have covered already in the three part article on his life.

HN1206 1926-1943

Upon his return Charles Noke, Burslem’s art director, tried every enticement to attract Harradine to move to the Potteries but to no avail. A compromise was of course reached whereby he would supply models to Burslem, something that continued for many decades.
This early group by Harradine was available in 5 different colourways and one HN1342 was produced until 1993. Whilst not classed as a prestige piece the painting that can be found on these pieces is stunning as I am sure you will agree.
Harradine’s inspiration for this piece apparently came during an evening out in London, whereupon he saw such a scene and sketched it upon his shirt sleeve. A romantic story for a sentimental group.
The enduring charm of this study meant that a collectors plate and more recently a miniature version of this group HN4807 was introduced in 2005.

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