Doulton’s 1930’s glamour girls.

After the roaring twenties, the 1930’s developed into a decade of glamour where long, sleek lines and Hollywood glamour took over. Whilst Doulton continued to produced the Victorian style ladies, characters and child studies so favoured by collectors, there were a distinct group of glamour girls which were introduced as a nod to this change in style.


Two of the first introduced, also happen to be two favourites of mine – Clothilde and Gloria, who appear to have stepped straight out if the pages of a glossy fashion magazine.

Hats have always been a popular theme for collectors, so it is no surprise to see Windflower here with her contemporary brimmed hat.


Another hat girl is Nadine, who could be promenading along a boardwalk in the evening sun, lapping up attention from her would-be admirers.


Still other ladies seem to represent popular sports such as the stylish Maureen with her riding crop.


Another favourite figure of mine is this, The Mirror, with her chic dressing gown, admiring her reflection in her mirror. She is such a delicate figure it is not hard to see why so few have survived.


A final figure that I’d like to share is the stunning Lambeth Walk, shown dancing to the famous tune of the same name. Her clothes are the epitome of 1930’s chic and this colourway of her is so detailed.


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