Collecting Doulton Christening Cups.

A selection of Christening cups made at Lambeth from the 19th Century – early 20th Century.

When I first saw these cups due to be auctioned this weekend, I was reminded once again of the diversity of Doulton, but also the diversity of collectors too! Here once again is a novel collecting theme!


The Christening cup is a typical Christening gift for a baby and whilst more well-to-do families may have chosen silver examples, these personalised stoneware cups were no doubt more modestly priced in comparison. These mini works of art have obviously been cherished over the decades and remain as evidence of their original owners. How wonderful would it be to trace the original owners?


Many thanks to the Potteries Auctions for use of these photos from their sale on Sunday 26th October.

2 thoughts on “Collecting Doulton Christening Cups.”

  1. My Father had a cup made for him when he was born as his family were friends with the Doultons. Do you have any knowledge of how much they are worth? Thanks


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