Remember, remember the 5th of November….

…gunpowder, treason and plot!


I’m sure there isn’t a British adult who does not remember the story of Guy Fawkes and his failed attempt to blow up Parliament when in session and thus return a Catholic monarch to the throne. Since his capture on the 5th November 1605 we have celebrated this event annually with large bonfires with a ‘Guy’ atop.
Despite his grizzly end, Guy or Guido Fawkes has been immortalised on many occasions by Royal Doulton in their most popular collections.


One of the first is this large figure designed by Noke himself and available in 3 colourways as well as a modern miniature. I have always thought there must be a picture to go with this figure but to date nothing identical has turned up, save the typical illustrations of him since the foiled plot, such as this one. There has been a newer version of a Guy Fawkes illustrated above HN4784.


Noke’s love of historical characters and events resulted in this wonderful addition to his range of limited edition loving cups and jugs introduced in the 1930’s, complete with detailed description to the base!


And of course he has also been immortalised in Character Jug form too!


Who would have thought that centuries later we would be celebrating this event and a man who was convicted of treason?

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