Collecting Doulton figures – the best things come in 3’s!

Harradine’s Veronica in all 3 sizes and identical colourways as HN1517, HN1915 and M64.

With Leslie Harradine’s models for the HN Collection, Doulton certainly hit the jackpot! His ‘large’ size figures proved so popular that many were re-modelled for the M Collection when it was introduced in 1932, with further additions to it based on larger figures throughout the 1930’s. Then in the late 1930’s mid size versions of three popular figures were introduced, namely Veronica, the Paisley Shawl and Janet.

The Paisley Shawl in 3 available sizes HN1707, HN1914 and M3.

Unlike Veronica above, the other two Harradine figures modelled in 3 sizes were not produced in complimentary colourways. The most that can be said is that both the Paisley Shawl HN1392 and HN1988, together with both Janet’s HN1537 and HN1964 are identical in both sizes, but not in the third.

Janet in 3 sizes and all different colourways HN1538, HN1916 and M69.

All three figures were produced in many colourways, yet only the three Veronicas can be said to ‘match’. Whether one displays these figures together as a group together or separately, each is regarded as a classic Harradine model today!

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