Collecting Doulton’s ‘powder and patch’ ladies!

Another collecting them for Doulton figures is the band of figures in elaborate, powdered wigs.

With Doulton’s re-newed association with the modeller Leslie Harradine (who was originally apprenticed to Doulton in Lambeth) from 1920, came the commercial success Doulton had sought for the previous decade. Harradine’s versatile style meant that every possible type of china figure was created – from miniature Dickens characters, to deco beauties, to the archetypal Victorian lady, to child studies – to name but a few themes.

However, during the roaring 1920’s with its synonymous flapper girls there was also a vogue for fancy dress balls, which explains why there are so many of these romantic figures wearing 17th and 18th Century costumes in the HN collection, during the 1920’s and 30’s.
These charming figures sit equally well with their contemporaries as they do with other Doulton figures from the deco period!


Perhaps you display your figures according to themes? If so, join our Facebook page ‘Doulton Collectors Club’ to share them with other collectors around the world!

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