Collecting Doulton’s Prinknash work.

In the mid to late 1930’s Doulton established a link with the Benedictines of Prinknash Priory, whereby Doulton produced a series of religious statues. In a 1936 catalogue from Doulton it states that “Benedictines have done much for liturgical art, in the Middle Ages and today…” And that if the items illustrated meet with approval the two will extend the range of subjects.

In total 20 pieces are recorded in the catalogue mentioned and I have to say that I have seen only few examples over the years. The most frequent of which are S. Francis and S. Benedict. The cross illustrated and pictured I have only seen this once.
Due to their religious nature and scarcity, they are not widely collected in the Doulton world but pieces still fetch three figure sums when they occasionally do turn up.

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