Collecting Doulton Art Union work.


Eliza Simmance vase for the Art Union.

The presence of ‘Art Union of London’ on Doulton ware, indicates that it was produced in a series and specially selected for members of the Art Union, whose subscription brought them access to important art wares from many sources including Doulton. 


Example of the Art Union stamp found on Burslem ware or else an identical mark found impressed on Lambeth items.  

Both Lambeth and Burslem produced wares for the Art Union, although examples of Burslem pieces are much harder to find. Doulton began supplying items in 1885 through to the early 1900’s (approx. 1902) and typically their most celebrated artists such as Mark Marshall and Eliza Simmance provided the original designs. Despite these items not being one off pieces, prices for these marked ‘Art Union of London’ are in line with one off pieces by these major artists. Rare items of Burslem ware that I have seen have all been in the style of their ‘Spanishware’. 

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