Seasonal changes with Doulton figures! 

Cover of a catalogue featuring Summer Serenade.

One of several classic sets of four seasons figures produced by Royal Doulton is this set made exclusively for the Guild of China and Glass Retailers to which Doulton belonged. 


Catalogue page from 1993. 

Three existing models by the legendary Peggy Davies and one model from Peter Gee were given a colourful re-incarnation to become part of this series. 


Danielle HN 3001 became Spring Song HN

Beatrice HN 3263 became Summer Serenade HN 3610

Michelle HN 2334 became Autumn Attraction HN 3612


Caroline HN 3170 became winter welcome HN 3611.

Autumn Attraction and Winter Welcome. 

For collectors it is the Doulton ‘colouring’ of these popular models that set them apart from the originals which were typically very modestly decorated and for me too that makes them instantly more attractive! 

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