Collecting Doulton’s mid-size character jugs.

When what we know as Character jugs today, were launched back in 1934 it was very much a time of trial and error in respect of what to introduce and the sizes that appealed most to collectors. What we know as Large jugs today were the first introductions, then with Sairey Gamp in 1935 we saw a small size jug introduced as well as the standard large size. In this same vein Doulton introduced a medium size jug in 1938 with six characters from Dickens’ works. These were all withdrawn by 1948. 

The six characters were:

Buzz Fuzz D5838

Mr Pickwick D5839

Fat Boy D5840

Sam Weller D5841

Cap’n Cuttle D5842

Mr Micawber D5843

To complicate matters these numbers also refer to the small sizes of each of these jugs too and when available as a table lighter, again the same D number applies. 

To illustrate the sizes of jugs here are a handful of Dickens’ characters forever immortalised by Doulton! 

l-r: large, mid-size, small, mini and tiny.

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