Doulton’s teatime favourites! 

If drainpipes were the mainstay and indeed supporter of Doulton’s famous stoneware art wares at Lambeth, then it was their table and teawares that supported the many art ware productions of their Burslem factory, and without whose success we may not have the many collectible wares so cherished around the globe today.

A favourite art nouveau trio.

With such a rich history in tableware and teaware production there is a veritable wealth of patterns, shapes and periods to collect from early Spanishware, to Kingsware, seriesware, Bunnykins as well as period styles from the high Edwardian period to the popular deco styles of the 1920’s and 1930’s – once again Doulton more than provided for their clamouring public! 

A 1905 catalogue page showing popular blue and white designs.

A visit to any antiques market or fair today illustrates how this once unfashionable area is once again ‘de rigeur’ with trios in particular to be found on most ceramics stalls at such fairs. Indeed the increasing popularity of cookery shows on TV including the ever popular ‘Bake Off’ has helped drive up the popularity of tea parties once more.  

Illustration from a 1930’s tableware brochure titled ‘Grace before meat’.

This modern popularity has left the starchiness of high tea behind and what we have today is an eclectic mix of the old and new to suit the 21st C, which is once again making us dig out grannies favourite tea sets and adding new items to our tea tables! 

A selection of Doulton trios illustrating shape, period, target market place and varying Doulton lines including Bunnykins and Kingsware. 

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