Collecting Royal Doulton’s Williamsburg characters! 

In 1960 Doulton introduced their popular Williamsburg personalities into the HN collection and they were soon followed by seven character jugs representing characters from colonial Williamsburg. The set of seven jugs remained in production for some 20 years and there was to be a further character, the Cabinet Maker, added in 1981 but the collection was discontinued before he was able to join them!


 The set of seven jugs were modelled by either Max Henk or David Biggs and available in large, small or mini sizes during their 20 year production. The seven characters to collect are: the Bootmaker, the Goaler, the Gunsmith, the Guardsman, the Night Watchman, the Apothecary and the Blacksmith. Fortunately the Cabinet Maker would make an appearance as D7010 rather than the original D6659 in 1995 at the RDICC Williamsburg Convention in a limited edition of 1,500 pieces and so did eventually complete this popular set!  


Williamsburg is an ambitious restoration of an 18th Century US town and the capital of Virginia, it began falling into neglect once the seat of government moved in 1780 and the town lost its importance. Williamsburg’s restoration began in 1926 and today it is populated with hundreds of staff who carry on 18th Century life – from their clothing to their traditional trades resp resented by these character jugs! 

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