Doulton’s famous desert scenes by Harry Allen. 

The name Harry Allen will be familiar to many Doulton collectors because of his association with so many of Doulton’s most famous lines from Flambe, Sung, Titanian, figures and of course to the fantastic hand painted items by this great Doulton artist. 

The son of Robert Allen who himself led an art studio at Doulton in Burslem, Harry proved himself a versatile artist but he will be forever associated with his enchanting desert scene images carefully painted onto all manner of items from jugs to plates and everything in between!

Whilst not readily available today, with perseverance it is possible to build a collection of his romantic desert scene work. You will find that Harry signed his work either in full or as H. Allen or else as H. A. 

The desert scene items I have come across can be dated to c. 1905, with the yellow desert background being the most usual. 


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