Collecting Royal Doulton’s seasoned characters! 

Granny’s Heritage HN 1873.
Everyone looks forward to that time in our lives when things slow down a little and we imagine that we will have time to enjoy the finer things in life! This perhaps explains collectors’ fascination with what we might term the ‘older generation’.

The very rare Granny HN 1804.

From the 1920’s Royal Doulton have been producing older characters as part of their famous HN range of figures in recognition of this basic sentiment.

A Gentlewoman HN 1632.

Whether it be the famous impoverished Old Balloon Seller or 1930’s figures such as Darby and Joan, A Gentlewoman or Granny all of whom are portrayed in aged contentment knitting, enjoying some snuff, serving tea or out and about! All the things we imagine that we may have done generations before now.

Gaffer HN 2053.

Respect and affection appear to be the watchwords with these characters with names such as Grandma and Gaffer being used over time. The term Gaffer of course referring to a boss or older man.

Past Glory HN 2484.

This reverence for the older generation also explains figures such as Past Glory HN 2484, Takings Things Easy HN 2677 and Stitch in Time HN 2352.

Taking Things Easy HN 2677.

Displayed as part of a group of elder characters or among more typical figures, each tells a tale of its own and it is perhaps for this reason that even today we fill our homes with these gentle characters!

A Stitch in Time HN 2352.

Thanks to Seaway China for the use of their photos.

  And finally a rare Kingsware teapot with Darby and Joan to illustrate that it isn’t just figures that feature older characters!

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