Royal Doulton’s things that go bump in the night…..

With Halloween just around the corner what better time to look back at Doulton’s ghoulish delights…..

Halloween or Hallowe’en is also known by many as All Hallows’ Eve, a celebration held annually on 31st October around the world. It is in effect the eve of the western Christian feast of All Hallow’s Day; a time for remembering those who have departed this world!

Witch HN4444 (2002-3).

Today Halloween has a much more party feel to it inspiring films such as Hocus Pocus and also children’s favourite pastimes such as trick-or-treating, as well as providing grown ups with the opportunity to dress up! 

Rare Kingsware Wizard vase. 

The carving out of pumpkins or as I recall turnips is something of a rite of passage for youngsters today!

Halloween Bunnykins DB132 (1993-7).

Halloween for us today is all about witches, wizards, black cats and magic….and all we have to do is pay a cursory glance back at Royal Doulton’s back catalogue to see how this ghoulish festival has inspired their design studios over the centuries! 

Witches seriesware pattern (1906-c.1928).

Of course we haven’t mentioned the handful of ghoulish character jugs produced by Doulton or the ever popular black cat Lucky or even early art wares such as the Vellum witch light bracket! The list really is extensive when you start to look! 

Witches Cauldron DB293.

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