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Royal Doulton’s beautiful blues…

We looked at collecting and assembling a collection of red Royal Doulton figures a few weeks ago, and here is another theme to make a display – heavenly blues and the odd purple too!


In the period before WWII, Doulton experimented greatly with various colourways of their figures, the most popular colours being red, pink, green and of course blue.

Whilst red and pink were clearly the best sellers much like today, collectors nowadays seek out the most unusual colourways for their collections and many of these are these blue figures.
Popular figures such as Maureen, Marguerite, Day Dreams and a handful of others can be tracked down in beautiful bluey hues and a grouping of these unusual ladies makes an eye catching display. Ironically some figures that one would expect to see in blue have never been found, one such figure being Pyjamas HN1942, that I think would be perfect in blue!


Perhaps you have other figures to add to this ‘stream’ of blue ladies or other collecting themes that you follow? If so do share via our Facebook page ‘Doulton Collectors Club’.

How do you pair your Doulton figures?

With so many collectors sharing views of their collections and enjoying arranging their collections, I thought I would share a few groups and pairings that I think work together. Enjoy!

figs 11 Apr 08 00002

Patricia and The Paisley Shawl in two sizes.

figs 11 Apr 08 00016

Camille and Fleurette look picture perfect together, as do Camilla and Virginia below.

figs 11 Apr 08 00031

figs 11 Apr 08 00038

The lovely Pinkie and Monica.

figs 11 Apr 08 00043

Bon Jour and a colourway of Miss Demure.

figs 11 Apr 08 00055

Two sizes of Pierette.

figs 11 Apr 08 00056

The Masqueraders with their interlocking bases, that allow them to kiss!

Captured 2008-4-11 00421

Marie in a variety of colurways.

Captured 2008-4-11 00423

Two versions of Goody Two Shoes.

So how do you choose which pieces to put together? Don’t forget to share your pictures on our facebook page: Doulton Collectors Club