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Doulton Lambeth’s pâte-sur-pâte technique.

A chance finding of the vase below inspired me to do a quick résumé of this once popular technique. Literally translated it means paste on paste, this type of ware was produced between 1878 and ca. 1906.


This type of ware was favoured by Florence Barlow who painted her birds and also Eliza Simmance who used it to highlight her flower designs.

An unusual technique and pieces of this ware are relatively scarce. Here is the base I the vase above with Edith Lupton’s initials and a series of clear markings including a date.


Doulton’s Impasto ware


Impasto ware is often confused with faience simply because the body it uses is often the same. Later pieces seem to actually use a faience body as you can clearly see with this marking.


The similarity to faience differs with the decoration of Impasto ware. The coloured slips with the latter were applied so thickly that the images, mainly of flowers, appear almost in relief.


Impasto was produced between 1888 and ca.1914. The great Kate Rogers seems to have been particularly associated with this ware and the large vase above is by her and dated 1888.