Doulton’s Williamsburg Figures

The original Williamsburg figures were introduced in 1960 and of course for this time were the models of the great Peggy Davies. Subsequently other figures were added to the series and also a set of Character Jugs.

These figures represented what would have been the major personalities of 18th Century Williamsburg, once the seat of government. Wherafter Williamsburg fell into decay and it wasn’t until the early 20th Century that the decision was made to restore this shrine of American Character and tradition. Each of the town’s buildings would be reconstructed and refurnished exactly to suit the dignity of its 18th Century heyday.

Today, side by side with the restored town, costumed tradesmen ply the trades of over 2 centuries ago – and this is where the inspiration for the range comes from. So we have a Silversmith, a Wigmaker, the famous Hostess and a lady and gentleman of the town among other characters.


The eight figures in the series.

These figures had a special backstamp as shown below.


The bases of the figures showing the special backstamp.

For me the great thing about this series is the opportunity to add other figures to it, for many of Peggy’s ‘Pretty Ladies’ fit ideally into this group of figures, as do Mary Nicoll’s character figures such as The Coachman HN2283, The Clockmaker HN2279 and of course her study of The Craftsman HN2284 (below).






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