Royal Doulton’s Lustre wares Part 1

Doulton produced their lustre wares from the late 19th Century to the mid 20th Century, so there are plenty of variations to collect. Here is an interesting page from a Doulton catalogue from 1924 showing their range of lustred vases and bowls to collect.


An early catalogue page.

Looking at the price list for these items, they were equivalent to other Doulton wares including Flambé and Titanian. Today these pieces are available at much more modest prices and many interesting shapes in vases etc…can be found.

Lustre is achieved by a thin metallic glaze being fired over the existing glaze. There are several transfer decorated items to collect in this lustre glaze, and one particular favourite of mine is this set featuring a japanese style tree and butterflies.


A group of oriental inspired lustre pieces.

As always with Doulton expect the unexpected for I have seen the interior of vases with lustre glazes where just the flared lip of the vase can be seen to Titanian bowls with a lustre finish either inside and out or just lustred on the inside.


A single view of the tall lustre vase. This shape was popular at the turn of the 20th Century and many fine pieces of handpainted Doulton can be found on this shape.

Figures and animals too were given a lustre glaze and in cases where the piece has lost its lustre it is impossible for us to tell that it would have had a lustre glaze as there was no special backstamp for this ware.

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