Collecting Doulton Spanish wares

This technique introduced around 1890 offers something for every collector, with simple to elaborate designs and with prices to match!


The Spanish ware technique consisted mainly of flowers outlined in raised gilt. Examples of handpainting and transfer printing can be found on this ware, although the general rule of thumb for collectors is the more elaborate the more likely it is that it is an artist piece.


The body used on this ware was often Vellum, just like the small range of figures developed in the late 19th Century. The gilding on this particular ware is exceptional and the styles of vases etc…were equally elaborate and often featured dragons.


This method of decoration was often used on high end tablewares, and cabinet sets like the one below were particularly popular with this decoration.


Prices for Spanish ware correspond to how elaborate the piece is and there are many avid collectors of this ware around the world.


Spanish ware production ceased sometime around the outbreak of WWI in 1914.

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