Doulton’s Mandarin ware


Doulton’s popular Mandarin ware falls into two broad categories. The first like the pictures above and below has an almost seriesware feel but features much painting around a transfer pattern. 

Typically prunus and flamingos feature on this first type of mandarin ware.

The second is much more delicate and feature lustred poppies generally against a blue background. As with many Doulton wares the shapes of vases used really distinguish this second type of Mandarin ware.


I once came across a Sung version of this type of Mandarin vase and it was exquisite as you can see. Both types of Mandarin ware are much sought after today and pieces are quickly snapped up by collectors.


A rare Sung version of the Mandarin poppy design. 

Both types of Mandarin ware are difficult to find today and production certainly ceased by the 1930’s.

A recent find in the poppy design from the 1920’s.

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