Royal Doulton’s Gaffers seriesware

An early publicity booklet for the Gaffers pattern.

This quaint series certainly belongs to a different age although the dialect is still associated with the wonderful people of Somerset.

A catalogue page illustrating some if the styles available ca.1924.

The leaflet pictured above comes with a vivid description of his life and routine, even explaining some of his typically ‘Zummerset’ sayings!

The pattern was introduced in 1921 and being popular remained in production until WWII.


A Gaffers ash tray.

There were some 19 different scenes available, designed by the great C. J. Noke and typically bearing his signature; he  had a particular interest in all things literary and other personalities from English heritage.

A large milk jug with scene 1 on it.

The reverse of the same jug with the inscription ‘GAFFERS I be all the way from Zummerset’.

The character, the Gaffer, derives his name from respect as it refers to either an older man or master, not the more common term today for a boss.


A typical 12″ rack plate.

The Gaffer is seen in his typical smock of brown holland or hand-made linen, with either an umbrella or knobbly stick in his hand.


A Gaffers tea cup and saucer.


4 thoughts on “Royal Doulton’s Gaffers seriesware”

  1. We have a “gaffers” plate approx. 10.5 inches in diameter. It depicts the gaffer outside the half timber house (which is on many examples shown). On ours he is facing to his left, smoking a long pipe. The examples we have found show him holding either an umbrella or a long walking cane . We can find no evidence of the gaffer with a pipe on the net and wonder if you can give us any indication where we can find its value.


      1. Hi Christopher. I replied, by e-mail, with a couple of pictures as requested as I was not sure how to attach pictures here. Please let me know if you haven’t received the photos. Thanks.


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