Royal Doulton’s ‘Skating’ seriesware pattern

An early trivet in the Skating pattern dated 1907.

This old world comic scene of skaters with the inscriptions ‘Pryde goeth before a fall’ or ‘Do not worry, do not flurry, nothing good is got by worry’ are particularly hard to find today and always popular with collectors.


A charming jug with the alternate Greek key border.

Introduced in 1907 and certainly withdrawn before the late 1920’s this series offers 14 different scenes for collectors with a handful of subtle variations to borders and also glazes for collectors to seek out.


A jug in a treacle or Holbein glaze as I have occasionally heard it called.

A display makes an eye catching feature at Christmas and I know of several collectors who specialise in collecting particular shapes with all seriesware patterns; trivets being a popular theme and of course I collect pin trays as a few if you know.
Typically rack plates are the most easily found items, and this is also the case with this rare pattern.

A super rack plate with an illustrative border.

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