For the love of Chloe!

L-R are HN’s 1479, 1470, 1498, 1765 and 1956 (missing HN1476).

Many of you will be familiar with the more frequently found versions of this popular Harradine damsel Chloe, HN1470 and HN1765, but at the time of her production she was such a popular figure that there were 6 different full size versions of her and a further 3 miniature models.

If you refer to the ‘bible’ for figure collectors “Royal Doulton Figures” you will see that 5 of the six are illustrated, the one missing being HN1956, but illustrated here. However, there is another missing colourway. As some of you may have noticed, what is labelled HN1476 in the book is actually a pre-war version of HN1765 – I know this as I bought the figure labelled as 1476 at the first Doulton museum sale.

The three M versions of Chloe.

HN1765 was clearly the most popular colourway and production was resumed after WWII. These later models are easily distinguishable as the bouquet is less detailed and indeed smaller, plus the base typically only bares her name as there was no longer a need for her HN number as she was the only Chloe in production at this point. Mistakes do happen and we must remember that the original book was put together using actual figures found at that time.

In my experience and as I have previously mentioned the ‘by 1949’ could really be shortened to ‘by 1944′ as production seems to have been halted for all but the absolutely most popular figures before 1944. This small group includes Paisley Shawl HN1392, the Old Balloon Seller, Biddy Penny Farthing, the Orange Lady and the perennial favourites in red of Autumn Breezes and Top o’ the hill. Production of these appears to have stopped in 1944 before resuming full post war production in 1947.

M version of Chloe in her original box and packaging from 1932.

Chloe proved such as popular figure that examples can be found mounted on lamps as below and miniature versions adorn pin trays, calendars and pen holders produced in the 1930’s.

Chloe on original lamp base with replacement shade.

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