Reflections: the source of Harradine’s popular figure Phyllis.

As you know it is a real interest of mine to research where figures derive their inspiration. Those who have read my book ‘Reflections’ with Jocelyn, will have seen the section on the illustrator Jennie Harbour.


Very little is known about the illustrator but her work can be found on Tuck’s postcards as well as in many editions of deco books from the time. Her illustrations remain popular today around the world and framed, vintage prints can sell for a fair sum.

Back to Phyllis, as you can see she has been expertly interpreted from Jennie Harbour’s illustration ‘Sweet Nell’ by Harradine. Here she is as HN1486, although the most readily found version is HN1420 as it was clearly the most popular colourway. I have always felt that she makes the perfect partner to Dolly Vardon save for the base on Phyllis. Perhaps there is a version if Phyllis out there without a base. As we know modifications were frequent on these early figures, and we looked at how a stepped vase was added to Harradine’s Helen some time ago.


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