Royal Doulton’s tribute to the American actress Doris Keane.

Doulton’s accurate representation of the famous American actress in the risqué play ‘Romance’ first performed in 1913 in the states before travelling to the UK two years later, proved a popular figure as you will see.

A Lambeth version of Doris Keane together with her later, miniature self.

Doris plays an Italian opera singer, an over the top character who always wears black and carries a pet monkey.

HN 96 with her carrying the pet monkey!

The story follows the ill fated love story of the opera singer and a clergyman. He gives her his mothers pearls and pendant – which can be seen in all versions of this figure – but she realises her past would ruin his career so the two part declaring their undying love.

An unusual gloss version of HN 90 sold at Bonhams.

Their love scenes, the role of the clergyman and Doris’ undressing on stage made the play a transatlantic success! When she arrived in England she was mobbed and Romance played for over a thousand performances in London alone!

An unusual hard paste porcelain body version of Doris Keane by John Broad ca.1919. The porcelain body was another invention of Lambeth’s art director Joseph Mott.

This Lambeth version of Doris Keane above would eventually be remodelled and produced in china at Burslem under the name Rosamund and as you can see also above a miniature version was also issued. The two earlier Burslem versions of Doris Keane as Cavallini HN90 & 96 were a monumental 26-28 cms tall, typical of early figures in the HN collection.

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