Australia’s John Shorter – Doulton’s Australian agent

I am sure many of you will be aware of the name Shorter, no matter where in the world you live, especially if you have an interest in all things Doulton. John was Doulton’s original Australian representative in 1889.
I came across an interesting interview with him from 1934 some time ago accompanied by these wonderful shots of his showroom in Clarence St. Sydney which also had a Doulton frontage, a gift from Mr Henry Lewis Doulton. Inside too, there were two magnificent tile panels by William Rowe ‘The Earth’ and ‘The Sea’. One of which you can see in these pictures.
Anyway, you can see for yourselves the wonderful array of Doulton wares available through the Shorters!

As well as selling Doulton John Shorter was also a collector and was lucky enough to be offered a 1000 piece collection built up by Doulton’s first Art Director at Burslem, John Slater, after his death. Some of this collection he sold to John Bates of Christchurch and the remainder, was gifted to what is now the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

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