Doulton’s Frank Butler – a versatile artist.


A chance find of this impressive pair of vases by Frank Butler reminded me of what a great talent he was. Never more so than when one considers that he was reported to be practically deaf and almost dumb.


Yet, over an almost 40 year period, his output of stoneware certainly changed reflecting a versatile, confident ability.
His particular flair for me is his art nouveau work, in particular his vases where the clay appears ‘pushed out’ as in the example below.


Whatever our individual tastes, it is impossible to reject this great talent!


2 thoughts on “Doulton’s Frank Butler – a versatile artist.”

  1. Wonderful artist. My Grandmother, in NY, had a beautiful vase. For years we all admired Frank Butler’s work via this vase. After all the years, the vase, is in my possession. Still as beautiful and interesting as the day it was made in 1881. Beautiful!


  2. Has anyone further information reference these pipes. Monogram FAB (Frank Butler)Incised foliage design 1884 A.S. Left -Middle A.S. Right – Bottom. Both have Doulton Stamps.
    Are these demo designs done on what was to hand – A Pipe? ( Also no Bottoms in either).


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