Collecting Doulton bibelots.


The selection of bibelots or ashtrays as they were commonly known, that were produced at Lambeth, are today some of the most collected items of Lambethware.


Naturally their popularity and price depends on their ‘artistic’ value for there were countless such objects produced at Lambeth; some very plain examples, others for events, others for commercial advertising for numerous firms and still others designed by some of Lambeth’s most popular artists including Leslie Harradine, Vera Huggins, Harry Simmeon and no doubt others too that are unrecorded.


They date from the 1920’s to 1930’s but it is fair to say that some were made for a longer period and no doubt introduced earlier such as the Wrights Coal Tar Soap dragonfly dish.


The term bibelot is a derivative from the French, meaning a trinket or small fanciful object. One only needs to look at the subjects of these fanciful trays to see that this name suits these imps, nymphs, comic birds and other creatures very well.


Whatever your budget you can find examples of these trinket dishes to suit! For me this fanciful line of Lambethware displays perfectly alongside the many vases created by Doulton’s greats!


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