The making of Lady Charmian (from 1947).

Here are some publicity shots from the late 1940’s explaining the production process for this popular lady.
1. Pouring the liquid clay into the moulds to form the cast models.


2. Picture of the moulds for her component parts.


3. Close up of a moulded face and head.


4. Once the figure is assembled any additions are added; in this case hand modelled flowers.



5. At this point the figure is allowed to dry, then it is fired turning it into biscuit china. The size of the figure reduces dramatically at this stage. The figure is then dipped by hand into a specially prepared glaze.

6. The figure is then placed in a fire-proof saggar to be fired.


7. From this stage the figure is decorated by hand.


We are no doubt all familiar with the finished product as she has always been popular with collectors.

Interestingly Harradine based his model on a painting by Stanislaus Longley and I have seen an early version of the figure without the basket and instead of holding a rose she is holding a ball of mistletoe.


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